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Perpetual Institute of Graphics and printing, a subsidiary of Perpetual Creativity Company was established in January 2008 with the sole aim of empowering people with computer and printing skills. We teach General Computing, State-of-the-art softwares (Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) and General Printing. We have 5 experienced and seasoned instructors. Perpetual Institute of Graphics and printing has trained various batches of students for the past 3 years and have graduated more than 500 students. We issue certificate upon satisfactory completion of the programme.


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Our Features include:

1. Use of Institute’s laptops for students who don’t have one
2. Conducive environment
3. 24hrs uninterrupted power supply
4. Industrial Training provision upon completion of training programme
experienced and seasoned instructors
5. Free wi-fi available within the institute premises
6. Affordable fees
7. Job opportunity for the best graduating student of the session



1. GRAPHICS DESIGN: This is a three (3) months programme which involves in-depth lectures on the use and application of Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

2. GRAPHICS DESIGN + PRINTING: After a three(3) month intensive programme on Graphics Design, student proceed to have 2 month professional course in General Printing. Students are being exposed to the rudiments of screen printing, printing on clothes, cups, bags e.t.c. Distinguished personalities in the printing industry are invited to encourage, advice and motivate students.

3. GRAPHICS DESIGN + PRINTING + LARGE FORMAT: Large Format Machines are machines used for printing flex banner, SAV stickers, window graphics, transparent sticker e.t.c. Students are being trained on how to operate the Large Format Machines (10fts & 6fts) and can add such job experience to their Curriculum Vitae.

4. GRAPHICS DESIGN + PRINTING + LARGE FORMAT + CTCP (COMPUTER TO CONVENTIONAL PLATE). CTCP is the modern separation technique that was recently introduced in the printing world. We equip our student with the knowledge of the process involved in separating colours directly to conventional plate. This is a 12-month programme with intensive practical.

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